Cage-Free Boarding

Dread the thought of sticking your pet in a caged environment? Don’t worry, we have the answer!

  • Private Home Fostering
  • Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs within a 25 mile Radius*
  • Loads of Love and Personal Attention
  • Plenty of Outdoor Playtime
  • Behavioral Training and Grooming can be Arranged during your Pet’s Stay*
  • We Follow YOUR Routine from YOUR Home
  • No Dog Runs or Cement Enclosures
  • Lots of Play, Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs
  • Email or SMS Updates (Upon Request) or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr
  • Additional Daily Walks or Hikes Available Upon Request*
  • Employee and/or Owner Lives on Premises

Easy Reservations

Call our office to check availability and make reservations at +1 (888) 4PETGOGO or email Because we are private homes, we are happy to provide LOADS of references for both us as a company as well as clients who have successfully ‘fostered’ at each home. Walkers/sitters do not allow clients to tour their private homes or pickup and dropoff.


All pet parents must fill out and sign a client information packet and a separation anxiety signs form
Please provide a copy of current vaccination certificate including shots and/or titers
All furbabies must be on a flea/tick preventative (can be administered during stay)
All pet parents must disclose active worms or other parasites and any medication prior to arrival
No smelly pooches please. We reserve the right to arrange a bath at client expense
Furbabies MUST be both home, car and dog friendly (this includes incessant mounting/humping).

What to bring:

We require a pet’s personal food and treats as well as a leash and collar. If possible, please remember to label your pooch’s things.

What NOT to bring:

We do not accept territorial items such as beds, blankets, toys, bowls or dishes.

We provide:

  • Lots and lots of doggie toys, pillows and beds to make our guests feel at home.
  • Plenty of individual love, attention, hugs and belly rubs.
  • Lots of fun with other little furry friends.

Pick-up and drop-off times:

365 days a year with a two hour agreed-upon window by corporate pet taxi. Partial Days may be booked and a Holiday Surcharge applies during peak periods (see policies and procedures for list).

*For the ultimate in convenience, Pets a Go Go® offers a taxi service to retrieve or deliver your furbaby to/from the comfort of your home or both. Pets a Go Go® will pickup/dropoff your furbaby for overnights between SSP and your Westchester home within a two hour designated window between the hours of 7-9am and 8-10pm. $27 one way (must be within a twenty five mile radius). Pickups and dropoffs outside of the 25 mile radius and/or Westchester County including to/from the five boroughs, Connecticut and New Jersey can be arranged for a flat fee.