Pet Care Articles

Traveling With Your Pet: What to Bring

Spring is here and with the onset of warm weather, comes more dog shows and our annual vacations, plus the urge to take a Sunday drive. However, we sometimes neglect the needs of our pets or do not take extra precautions for unseen emergencies. If you cannot board your pet, or leave it at home... Read More

Tips on Giving Your Dog a Bath

Giving a dog a bath is usually not high one peoples favorite things to do. Especially if it is a large and/or extremely hair breed. – But washing your dog needs to be given more attention to help prevent infection and sickness. – Tip One – Do Not Give Your Dog A Weekly Bath – The... Read More

Housetraining the Adult Dog Who Has Bad Habits

Housetraining is sometimes the bottom line for family dogs. People may clean up urine and feces after a dog for months or even years, before something happens that makes it impossible to continue living with the mess. How do you housetrain a dog who has established the habit of having accidents? Assess the Situation Things... Read More

Tips on Separation Anxiety

1. Plan Your Exit When it is time to leave, just leave. Do not say “Good bye” to your dog with hugs and kisses. In fact, ignore your dog for five minutes before you go. Paying too much attention will make your dog feel more insecure when the attention is abruptly withdrawn. 2. Confine Your... Read More

Pets a Go Go Helps the Post Office with Bite Prevention

Dog bite prevention message delivered at Mount Vernon Post Office      In order to accentuate “National Dog Bite Prevention Week,” on Thursday, May 15, a dog expert and the Westchester District Postal Service Safety Specialist spoke about the problem of dog bites to the letter carriers of the Mount Vernon Post Office located at 15... Read More

Winter and Holiday Tips for Your Pooch

Harsh winter weather brings a wide variety of concerns to responsible dog owners. Bitter cold, numbing wetness, biting winds and salt can cause much grief for that special dog in your life. To assure your canine companion stays healthy and safe through the long, winter months, follow these guidelines. • Wind chill causes colder conditions than... Read More

How Can I Help My Dog Get Along with Family and Friends?

Question: My dog gets along great with everybody except my brother, who’s never mistreated her. What’s wrong? Answer: Just like with people, dog behavior doesn’t always have a logical explanation. Dogs can sometimes simply dislike a person for no apparent reason. Maybe your brother has a deep voice that makes your pup nervous; maybe he has the... Read More

Car Sickness

Question: My dog always throws up when we go for car rides. How can I help him? Answer: It sounds like your dog is experiencing typical motion sickness, just like some people do. Motion sickness usually begins very shortly after starting the car ride. The dog will begin to drool and then vomit. It’s not serious, but... Read More

What is a Hotspot?

Question: My dog was recently diagnosed with a “hotspot.” Can you tell me more about this skin condition? Answer: “Hotspot” is a general term used to describe the angry reaction that your pet’s skin is displaying. It may also be referred to as “acute moist dermatitis.” Hotspots have many causes, but are usually the result of self... Read More

Dogs and Grass-Eating

Question: Do dogs eat grass because they need to vomit, or do they vomit simply because they eat grass? Answer: The cause and effect relationship in animals of eating grass and then vomiting is often questioned. No one has ever proven that dogs are intelligent enough to use grass as a medicinal herb, so those in the... Read More