In-Home Services


Pets a Go Go® provides virtually limitless options for those furbabies who enjoy the comfort of their own homes, but their human moms and dads need extra support to allow them a break during the work day, a hike on a busy week, or even a day of capers around the area enjoying the company of like-minded canines. There are no minimums and you can mix and match a schedule that suits both your furbaby and your budget best. The individual sections further expand on each of our individual services. Please feel free to call +1 (888) 4PETGOGO (473-8464) for pricing and to set up services.

Pet/Cat Sitting Services

Sitting Services for any type of Pet: One or multiple visits per day. An ideal service for pets who do not do well in traditional kennels. We will visit your home for up to 30 minutes at a time* and as many as four times a day (dogs require a minimum of two visits per 24 hours; pussycats require a minimum of one visit every other day). During our visits, we will feed, change water, scoop litter boxes, administer medications, walk and spoil your little one rotten with cuddles and play. We’ll also bring in the mail and rotate lights to give your home that “lived in” look if you desire. Pet Sitting Services ALWAYS apply anytime before 9 am and after 5 pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends/holidays. We also have an option to do an overnight stay where a sitter will spend the night in your home or your furbaby could stay with a sitter in their home in those cases where your pup needs overnight supervision. Prices may vary for homes with more than two dogs or three cats.

*Small caged animals, exotics and pussycats may not require the full time allotment. Rest assured we will follow all the steps of your routine but the preferences of your pet will dictate the volume of play in which we can reasonably engage.

Hound Hikes

Why just have your dog walked around the neighborhood when they can have the experience of a hike? Pets a Go Go® is a big believer of letting dogs be dogs. Trail Hiking is a specialization and we were the first to offer it as a service in the tri-state area. One of our experienced hikers will come to your home (weekday or weekend) and take your dog on the hike of a lifetime. We choose only well organized, marked and dog friendly trails and parks. Every day can be different with the sights and smells to which they are exposed. They get to sniff, explore and run off all that excess energy doing what dogs were meant to do. All hikes last at least an hour and include organic treats, round-trip transportation and plenty of water. To be eligible, your dog MUST get along with other dogs and be car friendly. On-Leash hikes available. To be off-leash, all dogs must have been qualified or certified by a Pets a Go Go® owner and a written release must be signed by the pet parent. Private Hikes are generally not available between 10am and 2pm weekdays or may incur an additional charge.


Starting at 2 hours minimum. Additional hours are available for an additional (discounted) fee. In life, we all have situations arise where our puppy simply cannot or should not be in your home for multiple hours. Imagine the ease of having your furbaby out of the house while construction is happening, your cleaning lady comes or you have a party/family gathering where very small children are in your home and they either have an allergy or are simply not used to a family pet? We will come to your home, pick up your little one, and take them along for the best part of our day. During this time, they will visit fellow canine friends, romp in fenced-in backyards (sometimes pools), have a multitude of play dates and will sometimes include a hike. Unlike our scheduled hikes, this is great for those who need more play time but less intense exercise.

Pet Food/Treat Delivery

Have you ever come home from a VERY long week at work to throw open the cabinet where your pet food is kept and find it empty? Having ordered via an online pet food sites, have you come home to find your bag of dry dog food saturated by the rain because the UPS driver left it exposed to the elements? We at Pets a Go Go® have the answer, whether you are a daily dog walking client or only an occasional pet sit client. You can send us your specific order by email or even call it in during business hours; OR for even more convenience, you can place a standardized order to be fulfilled on the first (or other) standardized day(s) of the month. We’ll place it inside your doorway, garage or even kitchen; wherever you’d like where it’ll stay dry and/or Rover will not be able to have an extra meal. Want even more convenience? We’re happy to put it away in your cabinets for a nominal charge.

Dog Park Field Trips

Are you and your dog on a first name basis at the local dog park? Then this is the service for you! We participate in the organization of as well as utilize a variety of Westchester Dog Parks; and as such, we are obligated to follow all rules and regulations of the parks. This means you may be required to get a permit/pass if you wish us to utilize a town-only dog park. Dog Park Field Trips are a minimum of one hour in duration.

Puppy/Recent Adoptee Services

Preparing for a new puppy, have a new puppy or struggling with a recently adopted puppy? We, at Pets a Go Go®, know that integrating a puppy into your home takes time and effort. If it is a recent older rescue, even more so. We offer pet consultation prior to your furbaby’s arrival, training for you and your new arrival on leash and other behavioral etiquette as well as mult-visit discounts during the initial training period. Discounted packages available for multiple services.

Dog-Proofing Consultations

Moved into a new home? Recently made a new addition to your household? With any significant change in life situation come new responsibilities and how many of us have time to walk the fence line of a four acre property looking for the potential flaws that a furbaby will have hours unsupervised to check? Pets a Go Go® takes your pet’s safety seriously so we provide consultation services for this need. Whether you need your fencing/gating merely checked, there are repairs to existing fencing/gates or you require new fencing/gates, we can help. All services are on a time and materials basis.

Doggie Play Dates

Is your dog lonely? Would you like him to become more acclimated to other dogs in the comfort and safety of your own backyard? Pets a Go Go® will arrange and supervise a play date with an appropriately sized and tempered canine as well as set up the time and day. Once we arrive, we will slowly introduce the dogs to one another. The goal of this service is to get your dog to become more comfortable with being around other animals. This is great for pet owners who avoid neighborhood walks or dog park trips for fear of their little one’s reactions. This service lasts for a minimum of one hour.