Training Programs


Whether you want to give your new puppy a kick start to understanding his new world or simply re-teach your old furbaby how to leave items alone when you tell them to, our award winning training program holds a variety of options that both your and you furry kid will enjoy. Our certified trainers can address a variety of problems in a myriad of ways. Whether it is a group class in our facility, a private lesson at home with the whole family or a residential program to cover all of the basics for your new (or not so new) puppy while you’re traveling for work or business, we have the answer. Each of the below sections will give detailed pricing and services to consider.

Sit and Stay

Our premier program. Designed for clients who want their furbabies to learn or re-learn a variety of behaviors including housetraining, behavioral modification or obedience training in our facility’s residential-like setting. Guaranteed results for $1999 covers 21 days inclusive of all fees and includes two (2) follow-up lessons at home. A perfect opportunity for your pet to learn while you travel for business or pleasure. Shorter duration residential programs are available without a guarantee and/or fewer or no follow-up privates.

Personal Training

All the benefits without the stay. Designed for clients who cannot live without their furbaby in bed with them at night. We provide daily training and we can even handle the transportation.* Personal Training can be added to any overnight or day care service for a $40 per day surcharge regardless of duration.

* Pet taxi fee would apply.

Leap Ahead of the Pack

The best of both worlds. Begin with two at-home lessons followed by an appropriate group class of four to six weeks. Discounted package $449.

Group Classes

Consistency is key. We offer several types of regularly scheduled group classes to learn or sharpen skills. All group classes are limited to six or fewer furbabies (two pup minimum) and all training is based on positive reinforcement. Group classes are best for all types of basic obedience but can only include social dogs. Behavioral problems are best addressed in our Personal Training and/or Individual Lesson programs. Four to six 45 minute sessions $249. Canine Good Manners I classes are currently held at our Briarcliff location on Saturday mornings at 11am, 6pm on Wednesday evenings and 1pm on Thursdays as well as 1pm on Saturdays in Stamford.

Puppy Kindergarten

Getting off to the right start. A puppy can learn as early as eight weeks; and the best behaved furbabies start early. Shots along with a negative fecal exam must be received before the first week of class. Four, 45 minute sessions $249. Puppy Kindergartens are currently held at our Briarcliff location on Saturday mornings at 10am, 5pm on Wednesday evenings and 11am on Thursdays as well as Noon on Saturdays in Stamford.

Individual Lessons

Anything you need. We all know there are times when a group situation just doesn’t apply. Your furbaby has leash aggression, dog aggression or you want the whole family involved. Maybe the situation is just so unique, we haven’t even thought of it yet! Some of our best programs are borne out of a client need, so please just ask. We’ll be happy to tailor an individual or small group arrangement to help you through the challenging situation. $125 per session, three pack is available for $300.