The Best Dog Day Care Westchester NY

Pets a Go Go® is a Doggie Day Care serving the residents of Westchester County and beyond. We offer a fun, safe and stimulating option, when you require your furbaby to be away from home and want them entertained and well cared for.
Each play group is supervised by a trained Doggie Daycare Specialist; even in the evening hours, our Overnight Concierges are there to make sure everyone stays well and happy.

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Night and day, your dog will interact with like-minded friends in our indoor and outdoor gyms. By the end of your furbaby’s stay, you can rest assured you will return to pick up a well exercised, relaxed and happy dog.

Experts Agree About the Importance of Doggie Daycare

  • Routine attendance at Pets a Go Go® gives them the stimulation and exercise that dogs need for a healthy body and mind.
  • Chewing, digging and other undesirable behaviors that are caused by boredom and lack of exercise are resolved by attending Pets a Go Go® regularly.
  • Dogs have natural curiosity and alertness that is satisfied by the constantly changing activities and attendees at Pets a Go Go®.
  • Pets a Go Go® evaluates all potential clients through a temperament test as well as monitoring the spay/neuter, vaccine and fecal status to ensure the safety of the entire pack.

  • Dogs live longer and healthier lives with regular exercise and we make sure they exercise at Pets a Go Go® in our large play yards and through stimulating activities!
  • Dogs are pack animals, so spending time with other dogs, interacting and playing at Pets a Go Go®, is important for satisfying this instinctual need.
  • With regular attendance at Pets a Go Go®, your dog will interact with new people, see new sights, hear new sounds and meet new dogs; all positive experiences in a safe and fun way.
  • The result of your furbaby’s experiences at Pets a Go Go® will build his or her confidence and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your pet is having fun in a safe place, whether it’s for a few hours or an extended period.

Not all Doggie Daycares in Westchester are the same!

Your furbaby is a member of your family; and as such, you only want the best for him/her. Unfortunately not all facilities are the same. Not all boarding facilities, kennels and doggie daycares have written policies for group play. Few allow pups to freely play, either body blocking chase behaviors, or spraying with water bottles. Few, if any, can offer proper education for you and your dog. All too often a dog is placed in a closed yard or room, unsupervised, with strange dogs. Your dog may roam around, sleep all day or even be bullied by another dog. Almost all have forceable crate time for several hours a day.
At Pets a Go Go® we are concerned about the safety and health of all the dogs under our care. We assess each dog for age, size and play style through our unique temperament test process prior to accepting him/her for daycare. All of our fun-loving, furbaby-owning and highly-qualified staff monitor the dogs, all the time, 24/7/365. If there’s one dog in our building, there is a human there as well. And because dogs like attention and love to please us, we always have something stimulating going on 7am-7pm including tennis ball launchers, dog tug lines, real swimming pools, obedience games like “follow the leader,” and group sitting. We always want our pets to be happy and never be bored.
We break down for play into small groups according to age, activity level, personality and size. Our promise to you, is that your dog will be in the most appropriate environment and will find the stay at Pets a Go Go® thoroughly enjoyable!


For the safety of the entire pack, all dogs need to have proof of the Westchester County Department of Health required vaccinations which currently includes Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordatella (aka Canine Cough). Additionally, Pets a Go Go® requires proof of a negative fecal exam to attend a temperament test. Going forward, Pets a Go Go® monitors and reminds all clients of their upcoming veterinary requirements to continue attending. Pets a Go Go® also requires all furbabies to have been spayed or neutered by their six (6) month birthday.