Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?

Pets a Go Go® serves virtually all of Westchester County in New York. Select services are available outside of Westchester including transportation to/from the five boroughs, Connecticut and New Jersey. Please feel free to ask! If you wish to learn more, please contact us at either or at (914)-458-4181.

What days do you offer walks and field trips?

Virtually all of our services are offered 365 days a year (space available) between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm. Holiday Surcharges apply on select days. Please review our Policies and Procedures page for current applicable dates.

What requirements do you have?

All new canine clients must be evaluated prior to starting service in order to determine suitability for requested services. In Home Services or Private Home Fostering require a meet & greet in your home be performed by an ADULT member of the permanent household along with a minimum of one employee of Pets a Go Go®.  Our paperwork must be returned to the office or the headquarters at least 24 hours BEFORE service begins. Facility Services require a one hour COMPLIMENTARY temperament test for doggie day care. Overnight Guests must complete one half day (3-5 hours) of CHARGEABLE doggie daycare prior to confirmation of their overnight booking. The facility requires specific vaccination, fecal, and spay/neuter proof. Please review the Requirements page for specifics. Pets a Go Go® reserves the right to refuse services to dogs that have tested positive for worms, parasites, fleas, and/or ticks until proof of successful treatment along with a negative fecal test (for worms and parasites) is received. We also reserve the right to refuse service to furbabies (or their owners!) that have shown aggression towards other pets and/or people.

What credentials do you have?

  • Incorporated in New York State
  • Pet CPR/First Aid Certified
  • SPCA and Rescue Recommended
  • Veterinarian Recommended

Do you offer dog training?

Absolutely! Safety is our number one priority for our employees, our human clients and for our furry clients. We take pride in our service and do more than just take your dog for a ‘potty break.’ At all times, the members of The Paw Squad™ will be teaching and/or reinforcing your dog’s ‘manners’ to make them a better behaved and more enjoyable dog.

For more serious issues, we offer obedience, behavioral and even off-leash training. Check out the training section for more detail.

Are dog parks safe?

We’ve all heard dog park horror stories; however, dog parks are much less crowded during the weekday business hours. While we do not actively encourage our walkers to utilize dog parks, we are experienced in handling large groups of dogs and always monitor the situations to which our furry clients are exposed. We are fully equipped to break up doggie disagreements as well. Should Pets a Go Go® utilize a dog park, it is by client request and we strictly limit our pack to three or four dogs (depending on the rules set forth by the dog park powers that be) so you can be sure your dog is getting our personal attention. Dogs park trips are segregated by size and/or temperament so that even small dogs can have their day at the dog park!

What about the heat in the summer?

Every outdoor adventure includes plenty of fresh water to avoid dehydration and the dogs are always closely monitored for signs of heat exhaustion. During the hot summer months, hiking services are still offered but we only focus our hikes around areas that have heavy tree cover and/or have swift moving water readily available for refreshing dips.

Isn’t hiking dangerous?

It is Pets a Go Go®’s job to insure the safety of the entire pack. Dogs are never let off leash during hiking trips (unless permission is granted by the pet parents or they are trained by Pets a Go Go® directly). During low traffic seasons, hiking is limited to well-used trails where wildlife will be frightened away from the trail by the continuous noise and movement. We only choose trails that are wide enough so that the humans can stay on trail and out of brush or desolate areas. The Paw Squad™ member supervising the hike carries a GPS tracked phone and can contact our office staff and arrange services should there be any emergency.

What’s the procedure for picking up my dog while I’m not home?

Pets a Go Go® is liability insured, crime and fraud bonded, and all employees are background checked and drug tested prior to entering your home alone. During our first meet and greet, you will be asked to provide a key or garage code for your home. These methods will only be used for scheduled visits. When not in use, we keep this information in an encrypted file and/or a lock box under a numeric only identifier.

What types of payment do you accept?

Pets a Go Go® accepts all major credit cards. Several years ago, Pets a Go Go® made the decision to no longer accept cash or personal checks for it’s dog walking and pet sitting services. The facility at 589 North State Road can accept all forms of payment.

What if I need to cancel?

Please refer to our Policies and Procedures page for specific cancellation policies.

Why should I hire a professional dog walker?

A professional dog walker takes your dog’s fun and safety very seriously. When hiring Pets a Go Go®, you can be assured of professional, courteous and dependable service. Pet care is our business; and as such, we have redundant employees for the inevitable illnesses or inclement weather. There are lots of part-time or even one/two person dog walkers out there but virtually none of them go to the lengths we do to assure the safety and well being of our workers, our client’s homes, and their most prized possessions, their furry children.

How often should my dog go out with Pets a Go Go®?

That depends on your dog’s condition and activity needs. Pets a Go Go® can take your dog out every workday or can offer special “break-up-the-work week” outings. No matter how often you use us, you will notice a difference by the end of the first week!

How will I know if my dog had fun?

Check out some of our adventures on the Gallery page of our website as well as our social media pages! You will get a up close and personal view of what your furry baby is doing on their daily adventures with Pets a Go Go®.

How do I get my adventure hound signed up?

Call (914)-458-4181 or e-mail to find out more. In Home Meet & Greets take approximately 30 minutes of your time. Please be prepared to provide a key to your home or yard. Doggie DayCare and Overnight Services require varied time commitments so please review our Requirements page to learn more!

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered?

You can e-mail Pets a Go Go® at