Dogs Gone Green®

Pets a Go Go® is the FIRST and only pet care company in the tri-state area to go fully green. Our unique Sit.Stay.Play.® facilities are comprised of and run utilizing all natural materials, we also focus on tools and supplies that are GMO-free, US-sourced and made, paraben and chemical free, recycled and/or repurposed, organic and/or natural and biodegradable/compostable in both our facility and in the field. Our corporate vehicles are low-emission and we hire local residents to help reduce our overall carbon footprint wherever possible. We follow a strict carry in/carry out policy when utilizing local parks and stay on established trails to help preserve New York and Connecticut’s indigenous environments.

Our commitment to preserving the environment we all share goes far beyond our four walls to make our service even more special.

In furtherance of our mission, we pledge to…

  • Use Biodegradable and Compostable Poop and Garbage Bags
  • Feed Organic and/or Natural Pet Food and Treats
  • Recycle and/or Re-Purpose Supplies
  • Utilize Paperless Billing and Payment Options
  • Instruct our staff to follow a ‘Carry In/Carry Out’ Policy in Parks
  • Only hike on Dog Friendly Trails to Help Preserve New York and Connecticut’s Indigenous Habitat
  • Utilize Organic Cleaning Products in our Facility and Vehicles
  • Transport utilizing our AWD Fuel Efficient and Low Emmission Vehicles
  • Hire Local Residents to Help Reduce Our Overall Carbon Footprint