The Current Paw Squad®

Nicole - Owner

Pets a Go Go™ is the creation of Nicole Goudey-Rigger, a life-long animal lover and currently a mommy to Delilah, her three year old Golden/Chow mix adopted from the SPCA of Westchester; Ice, her ten year old rescue Akita from Fishkill, New York; Limbo, her ten year old paraplegic cat adopted from the Pets Alive! Westchester; Samson, her one year old Akita from Buffalo, New York; and Timber, her young CH kitten most recently adopted from the SPCA of Westchester. Over the course of the past fourteen years, she has cultivated Pets a Go Go™ to become the largest and most successful pet care business in the tri-state area today. She is a strong believer in letting 'a dog be a dog' on a daily basis. She is a Columbia University graduate and a proud member of the Chappaqua-Millwood and Briarcliff Chambers of Commerce along with the Westchester Business Council. She is an active member and supporter of the Ossining, Mahopac, Peekskill and Yorktown Dog Parks.

Carol - Senior Manager/Trainer

Carol has owned pets since early childhood – everything from a mouse, cats, dogs even a horse. When Carol’s children were young, she found it important to familiarize them with pets so they would grow up loving and caring for animals, just like she had. During this time, they owned a variety of cats and dogs. Carol owned a hobby kennel where she bred, trained, and showed German Shepherds successfully. Some went on to win a number of dog shows and one even became the sire of several guide dogs. Carol currently owns a Saint Bernard, Lola, a breed she has always been fond of and who was abandoned at a former workplace. When Carol first began working at Pets a Go Go™, she was a dog walker and pet sitter. She was promoted to a manager/floater position in 2011 where she continued to be able to see her clients as well as cover other walkers when they had vacation or sick time. Carol has been a professional dog trainer for fifteen years and has loved every minute, including her last few years as the lead manager and staff trainer at Sit.Stay.Play.® Pets a Go Go™'s first cage-free facility in Briarcliff Manor. In this capacity, Carol continues to be able to indulge her love for animals and loves every moment she gets to spend with your furbabies.

Tom - Assistant Manager

Tom has lived with dogs all of his life, starting with a Dalmatian named Yankee who was around before he was even born. When he was ten years old, he received a dog named Taffy who was a mixed mutt who stayed with him for many years. At nineteen, Tom moved to California where he lived with his brother and their Aussie mixed pup, Sherlock. Tom moved back to Manhattan where he adopted a rescued Greyhound he named Rex; and not too long after, Sam the Golden Retriever found his way to their family. Prior to joining Pets a Go Go, Tom worked professionally in the animal field as well. He handled kennel and grooming duties at the Hawthorne Animal Hospital in California. Tom happily joined the Pets a Go Go™ family in 2012 where he is now surrounded with furry friends that he showers with love just like his own furbabies full-time.

Zoe - Assistant Manager

Zoe has been a pet owner all her life and she always takes pride in their care. When she's not taking care of her own pets, Zoe is helping friends and neighbors with their pets in any capacity possible (first aid, baths, making treats etc). It has always been a dream of hers to work with animals so when she was given the opportunity to work with the Pets a Go Go™ team, she was ecstatic. When you see her covered in paw prints from your furbabies, just know she had a great time getting them!

Ashley - Walker/Sitter

Ashley has been around animals her entire life, sometimes owning dogs and cats but even owning chickens and goats. Being a vegetarian for more than half of her life, Ashley’s love for all furry creatures is apparent. Ashley was working part-time at a number of small doggie daycares when she realized taking care of four legged friends at Pets a Go Go™ is what she really wanted to do with the rest of her life. Ashley recently adopted a rescue pooch, a Staffordshire bull terrier she named Rosie. Her ongoing commitment to her furbaby as well as her clients is reflected in the excellent job she does for her clients every day. Ashley understands that your pet is a big part of your family, and treats them with the same love she does her own.

Bryan - Walker/Sitter

Bryan has lived with animals all of his life from dogs to the unique reptiles, turtles, and fish when he was a child. He is particularly fond of dogs and how easily they can put a smile on his face. His current dogs, Onslo and Kizzy, have just been retired from their roles as a brood and a stud for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Bryan loves being a part of The Paw Squad® because the animals put a smile on his face everyday.

Inge - Senior Walker/Sitter

Having pets her whole life, Inge has learned to love and respect all animals. After working in a no-kill shelter, she realized that giving the animals their basic care was sometimes simply not enough, so she started looking into dog training. Inge worked for many years at a guide dog training school; even raising her own puppy by their example. She learned a lot about training, medical care as well as how to care for individuals with special needs during this time. When she found herself owning a rescue dog with some behavioral issues, however, Inge attended the Animal Behavior College and became a certified dog trainer. She graduated with honors which she dedicated to her rescue, Eggo, who helped her every step of the way. Inge loves being active and is still helping rescue dogs where ever possible.

Kelly - Walker Manager/Floater

Kelly has always loved animals. She owned cats, birds, a husky/shepherd mix, reptiles, amphibians, and fish in her early childhood. She even rescued baby birds which she brought to the Tea Town Preserve to be rehabilitated and continued to visit them often. Kelly’s family adopted and cared for many animals with special needs, such as nursing a cat with Crohn’s disease and giving sub-cutaneous fluids to one with renal failure. Kelly took horseback riding lessons in her teen years where she learned equestrian skills and animal care. In high school she also began walking neighborhood dogs and pet sitting for family friends when they were away. She currently owns two geriatric cats, one of them completely deaf. Kelly is currently a Captain at the Ossining Fire Department where she rescued her (now) pet cockatiel from behind the firehouse. Kelly has dedicated her life to rescuing and helping those in need – animal and human alike. When the opportunity arose for her to work at Pets a Go Go™, she knew it was a perfect fit.

Madeline - Walker/Sitter

Madeline developed a love for animals at an early age. In the beginning, it manifested itself by her begging her parents to take her to the local nature centers, zoos, and aquariums; however, it wasn’t long until her home contained its own menagerie of dogs, cats, lizards, rabbits and fish. As time went by, she grew to love horses when she was enrolled in horseback riding lessons. Her first job began with spending every moment at the stable cleaning stalls and grooming the horses. Eventually she started training and giving lessons to younger kids who were horse admirers. As she grew, Madeline taught natural sciences at summer camps and nature centers where she was able to share her love of nature and animals with more children. When Madeline went to college, her love of all living things led her to pursue a degree in biology. Now at Pets a Go Go™, Madeline has found a job that combines her love of animals with her love of being outside. To this day, she loves every second of indulging her passions with humans and animals alike.